* identity system
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BLDG up. BLDG block. BLDG relationships. BLDG castles in the air.  Team BLDG. BLDG materials. Apartment BLDG. Empire State BLDG. BLDG permit. Body BLDG. BLDG complex. Office BLDG. Government BLDG. Multi story BLDG. Elvis has left the BLDG.

The exploration of naming (BLDG = Blossom Liu + Danny Gray) was an exercise in identity.
STAMPS MAGAZINE tells the story of a city through its fragments. Berlin is a city of reclaimation destined for color and art, a mecca of juxtaposition.
STAMPS MAGAZINE issue 01 features this city in an attempt to show the everyday mixed with the spectacular.
During teh age of social distancing, this series of visual graphics was created, dedicated to informing the public on proper care. Utilizing language from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) this public health campaign serves as a reminder that we are all in this together (while distancing).

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