/ editorial design

        / ArtCenter Gallery (2018)
        / Adobe Achievement Awards (2018)
        / Behance Feature (2018)
        Graphic Design, InDesign

        Special thanks to:
        Annie Huang Luck
        Dillon King
What does it mean to be off? Off may a negative connotation—but does it necessarily deserve it? Off the grid, off the charts, off kilter, off white. OFF Magazine is designed to bring awareness to these stories regarding marginalized artists, just off the radar.

A photographer who shoots photos of the LGBTQ+ community in Lagos, where it is punishable by death. A daugher of an immigrant writing about her sense of diaspora and displacement.

Off Magazine is a quarterly publication that brings awareness to artists of all creeds, backgrounds, genders, sexualities, races, and abilities.

The theme of the first issue is IN FLUX. IN FLUX means change, IN FLUX means fluidity, IN FLUX means rethinking ideas that are seemingly set in stone. IN FLUX is about adaptation, flexibility, creativity, and empathy. Join us on a journey to see what is IN FLUX, and find out how the changing times not only affect these artists, but inspire curiosity and growth.
The theme of the second issues is LIGHT. LIGHT is an inspiration, LIGHT is an emotion, LIGHT means an absence of darkness. LIGHT is about guiding a path that is otherwise overlooked. LIGHT is free, magical,, empowering, and dominant. Join us on a journey to see what LIGHT is and find out how it sheds itself on topics that might be shadowed.

For the presentation of OFF Magazine, I created a prototype of an installation that would be featured at the release. The bold horizontal graphics on the walls are created with black tape, and each sticker with the OFF Magazine logo is to be filled out by an attendee (in this case, the class) with the prompt of a simple question—WHAT DOES OFF MEAN? This creates an interactive installation piece that unites the people participating, and promotes the spread of knowledge of the marginalized artists being recognized in each of the issues.